Books and DVD Package


Get all three Dronfield Heritage Trust Books and the DVD in one great package.

The Houses of Dronfield Lead Merchants by David Hey

Nowadays it is hard to imagine that Dronfield ever had any connection with the Derbyshire Lead Industry. It come as a surprise to most people to hear that the oldest houses in the town and surrounding countryside were built through the profits of this trade.

Medieval and Tudor Dronfield by David Hey

The survival of what was once a high quality medieval house inside the barn that now forms the core of the Dronfield Heritage Centre surprised many people. But Dronfield has many surprises from its medieval past once we start looking for them.

A History of Dronfield: in a Quilt Carole Slinn assisted by Jean Kendal

This book features a beautiful and intricate work of textile art and describes how a team of volunteers from a community in North Derbyshire interpreted the early history of their town. Carole Slinn is a practising contemporary artist with a 1st class honours degree in Fine Art from Leeds University. Her other qualifications and experience are in fashion design, commerce and lecturing.

The Making of the Dronfield Heritage Quilts

This DVD shows the making of three beautiful and intricate works of textile art and show how a team of volunteers and 75 Junior School pupils from a town in North Derbyshire interpreted the early history of their town. Running Time 13 minutes.

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