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‘Our generation has invested as never before in digital resources and we've done so because of the  opportunity they bring. Digital collections have grown in volume, complexity and importance to the  point that our children are baffled by the inefficiencies of the analogue age. Pervasive, fluid and vital:  digital data is a defining feature of our age. Industry, commerce, government, law, research, health,  social care, education, the creative industries, the heritage sector and private life depend on digital  materials to satisfy ubiquitous information needs and expectations.’

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The National Archives 2013

The central activity of the Dronfield Heritage Trust is the Digital Assets Management System – this will form the resource for all the activities and exhibition programmes. It also forms a central part of the Trust’s longer term vision to become the information point for the North-East Derbyshire district.

Digitising the Old Dronfield Society archives

A team of dedicated volunteers are working with MediaFiler to scan, add information and upload the images to a centralised online archive. To find out about training and join our team contact Maria Smith. We welcome enquiries from individuals and groups who have photographs, archives and records they would like digitising as part of our central archive.

Do you have any images of Dronfield you can share with us? Please visit our archive page

Image: Adult Quilt Panels


‘A proposal has been put forward by a group of people with a special interest and knowledge of the skills involved in textile crafts, in tandem with a love of Dronfield and its history, to produce a community quilt. We would thus be linking with other aspects of the Dronfield Heritage Project, and for the subject matter drawing on existing archive material.’
Jean Kendal

The design and development of Dronfield Heritage Trust’s quilts have formed part of the growing interest in quilting within the community.

The quilts have been designed around the three main periods in Dronfield and District’s history - the Medieval, 17th/18th centuries and the results of the lead trade and the industrial developments of the Victorian period.

The adult quilters focused on the Medieval period and are entering their quilt in the NEC ‘Festival of Quilts’ exhibition in Birmingham in August.

Our local primary schools have taken up the challenge of the 17th/18th centuries and produced fantastic designs based on their research of that time and Henry Fanshawe are taking a modern approach to the Victorian period.

Image: School Quilt PanelsOut of this fantastic dedicated teams, our own artistic quilting has emerged our own quilting group ‘The Quilting Barn’ – a group that takes a unique approach to the quilting process: To become a centre of excellence for artistic quilting inspired by themes and encouraging self-expression and free thinking of the individuals within the group. Developing unique ideas and following these creations through in activities and projects to the completion of a piece/product with the facilitation of an artistic director.

Do come along and join us – for further information contact Maria Smith on 07814 140034.


‘The quality of the earliest surviving timberwork inside Hall Barn and its location on the edge of a steep slope with commanding views over the river valley, suggest that the building represents the remains of an important house. Details of its carpentry single Hall Barn out as an outstanding example of late Medieval craftsmanship.’ Stanley Jones, Historic Buildings Specialist

signpost1Dronfield Heritage Trust is delighted to be working with Eckington School on this project which will create a 1/8th scale model of the hall barn Medieval framework. This will be created with the participation of students from the school, volunteering under skilled and professional guidance. The model will be created from the original recordings and drawings of Stanley Jones and additional material from archaeological investigations. A number of methods will be employed allowing the students to create the model including Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing as well as more traditional model making skills. The product will form a centrepiece for the opening exhibition at the barn and will be available to form a part of a travelling exhibition and for festivals/events.

Check our Facebook page over the next few months to see how it’s coming along!

Image:  Garden DesignOur project offers a unique opportunity to be involved at the innovative stage of a gardens/landscaping project.

As part of the developments at Dronfield Hall Barn the surrounding grounds will be landscaped and a series of specialist gardens planted.

This will include a heritage garden inspired by the barn’s Medieval and Tudor past, a sensory garden and a wildflower area. Courses lead by local garden designer Alex Styan will produce the designs for the gardens and we look forward to welcoming volunteers to help plant and maintain these special areas.

Anyone with an interest is welcome to join us – from complete beginners to experts!

Image: Garden CourseQuote from course participant

Image: Colour PlantingI really enjoyed today. It was very well run and very interesting. I learnt such a lot. It all came alive for me after seeing the pictures and hearing about what is planned and then looking at the land with that information. I would love to help with the planting when you are at that stage if you need someone. Many many thanks again for today. I am sure the other groups will enjoy it as much as I did’.

With thanks to the horticultural society for their promotional support.

For further information on our courses visit our events page or to register your interest in the gardens project please contact Maria Smith.


Gardener’s Corner Blog

We are currently looking for ideas for future training/events in our gardens project. Please email Maria with your suggestions and to sign up for our garden updates.

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